Lowbrow Customs USA Manufacturing Scholarships
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      The Lowbrow Customs Lincoln Electric Welding School Endowed Scholarship

      In 2018 Lowbrow Customs created an endowed scholarship which will provide an annual $1,000 scholarship to the Lincoln Electric Welding School. Being endowed means that our donation will supply a yearly scholarship to a student in financial need, indefinitely. Lowbrow is based outside of Cleveland, Ohio, where Lincoln Electric was founded in 1895. The welding school followed shortly after in 1917. We are proud to have them as part of our community.

      We think the Lowbrow Customs Welding Scholarship is another excellent way we can show support for the Midwest as well as American manufacturing. Training to become a certified welder can change lives and supply the skills necessary to have a real profession across so many different industries.

      The scholarship is administered by the Cleveland section of the AWS (American Welding Society). To apply please reach out to the Cleveland AWS or check out their website at www.awssection.com/cleveland/

      The Lowbrow Customs USA Workforce Training Scholarships at Tri-C

      Lowbrow Customs provides two $2,500 scholarships per year to the Tri-C Foundation for students in financial need who are pursuing workforce training opportunities. Lowbrow Customs aims to help foster the growth and success of USA manufacturing.

      On a daily basis Lowbrow works with men and women in the manufacturing trades who work the same way we do. Companies,all over America and world-wide, who take pride in what they do and strive to do the best work possible. We want to help support USA manufacturing. Companies across the country are looking for skilled workers across all fields of manufacturing. Cuyahoga Community College (also known as Tri-C) is our local college in Cleveland, Ohio. Tri-C offers training to get people into these high-demand, well-paid jobs. It doesn’t have to take four years to get a college degree and have a career, many of these programs are ten to eighteen weeks. We want to support northeast Ohio, but more than that, we want to help support and create companies that we can work with in the future.

      For more information on scholarships contact the Tri-C Foundation, and for more information on classes visit www.tri-c.edu

      Lowbrow Scholarship Recipient Testimonials

      “Thank you so much for your generous donation to this wonderful program. I have been in the class for about two weeks now and have already learned so much, not only in technical skill, but also in being a valuable employee. I am again thankful for your donation and will take full advantage of this program and get as much as I can out of this awesome opportunity.” - Nicholas K., Welding, 2018 Scholarship recipient