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      Hsin Ruey/Sheenray Embroidery Co. LTD Lowbrow Customs

      Lowbrow Customs
      Since 2004 Lowbrow Customs has been at the forefront of designing new motorcycle parts and accessories for the home and professional bike builder alike. We work hard to supply the parts you need for the road ahead.
      Yamaha XS650 Motor Patch
      Lowbrow Customs Yamaha XS650 Motor Patch
      7 reviews $0.99 $4.95
      Lowbrow Customs Parts and Accessories Patch
      Lowbrow Customs Parts and Accessories Patch
      28 reviews $2.00
      #1 Sportster Motorcycle Patch
      18 reviews $4.95
      Lowbrow Customs Patch
      14 reviews $2.00
      Safety Third Patch
      Lowbrow Customs Safety Third Patch
      11 reviews $4.95
      Weirdo Patch
      Lowbrow Customs Weirdo Patch
      19 reviews $2.00
      Mama Tried Patch
      Lowbrow Customs Mama Tried Patch
      16 reviews $4.95
      Ironhead XL Sportster Motor / Engine Patch
      7 reviews $4.95
      Four Speed Patch
      Lowbrow Customs Four Speed Patch
      21 reviews $4.95
      Vintage Arched Logo Patch Vintage Arched Logo Patch
      Lowbrow Customs Vintage Arched Logo Patch
      7 reviews $2.00
      Yes It's A F@$#ing Sportster Patch
      18 reviews $4.95
      Shovelhead Love Patch
      Lowbrow Customs Shovelhead Love Patch
      18 reviews $4.95
      FTW Bomb Patch Out of Stock
      Lowbrow Customs FTW Bomb Patch
      28 reviews $4.95
      HD Shovelhead Motor / Engine Patch
      15 reviews $4.95
      Winged Motorcycle Wheel Patch
      19 reviews $4.95
      Hell Can Wait Embroidered Patch Hell Can Wait Embroidered Patch
      7 reviews $4.95
      Sportsters Rule Patch
      Lowbrow Customs Sportsters Rule Patch
      14 reviews $4.95
      Sinner Patch
      Lowbrow Customs Sinner Patch
      10 reviews $4.95
      Trouble Triumph Motorcycle Patch
      10 reviews $4.95
      TCB Takin' Care of Business Fink-Style Elvis Patch
      20 reviews $4.95
      Skull & Bones Patch
      Lowbrow Customs Skull & Bones Patch
      8 reviews $4.95
      Winged Wheel Banner Patch
      Lowbrow Customs Winged Wheel Banner Patch
      16 reviews $4.95
      #1 Rising Sun Honda Motorcycle Patch
      8 reviews $4.95
      HD Panhead Motor / Engine Patch
      10 reviews $4.95