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      The Lowbrow Getdown 2015 - Lowbrow Customs

      Lowbrow Getdown 2015

      Is there one event that makes you so excited every year? The Lowbrow Getdown is just that for me, personally, because it marks the beginning of summer in Ohio. It's cold and snowy for 4 to 5 months out of the year here and when spring and fall hits it's full of...

      El Diablo Run 2015 - Lowbrow Customs

      El Diablo Run 2015

      EDR 2015 was absolutely one of the hardest runs I have ever been on. Not in the sense of distance but more of the lack of communication to the real world. No one's cell phones worked, you couldn't drink the water, and gas stations were extremely sparse. Add extreme heat from the desert...

      Born Free 6 - Day 2 - Lowbrow Customs

      Look Back At Born Free 6 - Sunday

      Sunday at Born Free 6 was a lot more laid back for me personally. My friend Walter from Kickstart gave me a press pass and told me to come super early on the second day to shoot the invited builder's bikes before the crowd rushed in. I remember waking up super early that morning,...

      Pinned Ohio 2015 - Lowbrow Customs

      Pinned Ohio 2015

      Soggy boots and damp muggy air, with dark grey clouds that circled over my head leaving for the occasional sun ray to peak through ever so slightly. Aromas of asian bistro filled the air and the echoing sounds of wet air cleaners coughing after they have been kicked over for...